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Friday, January 29, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/29/2016

I am doing a lot of things online to earn money. Because of this, I am getting a lot of unwanted email and now the phone calls start. I am not going to stop making money online, but I am getting a bit annoyed. I have figured out, that since I still have a Virginia area code, they are also using Virginia area codes to call me. So, I will no long answer these calls unless a name is attached to that number. Also, they use the Virginia time zone. In Colorado, I am two hours behind. Don't call me before  9 unless it is important. I don't want to talk, especially  to someone who wants to sell me magazines. She wasn't happy when I told her I get free magazines and I am not going to pay for any!

I am no artist, but I have discovered wine and paint parties. I am not feeling this one. I couldn't get in touch with the flowers no matter what I did, but going out with friends was fun and relaxing. Now, to brave karaoke.

What I Learned From My Inbox

I found out what that little mysterious pocket is for. Back in the day of the founding of Levi's, men carried pocket watches. This little pocket was used to hold their watches. Makes sense. Guess I would of thought of it if I ever really thought about it. 


Free hot chocolate kit with marshmellows

Free Redbook Magazine Subscription

Free O Magazine


Win  a trip to London or tea prizes

Work At Home

Forbes put out a list of the top 100 companies to work for if you are interested in working from home. 

Unplug The Kids

Here are a couple more Valentine idea you can make with your children.

Valentines Candy Necklace

Lay out 3 feet of plastic wrap and cut it in half long-ways. Place wrapped candy (peppermints) or a group of two candies (candy hearts or M&Ms) 3 inches apart. Roll the plastic wrap over and tie bows of ribbon between each candy. Tie the two ends together and cove the knot with another ribbon. Make some for your friends.

Valentines Flower Pot 
(We made these for the teachers one year)
3 inch terra-cotta flower pot
Acrylic craft paint
Heart-shaped sponge
Potting soil
Plastic sandwich bag or decorated holiday treat bags
Seed package
   Using acrylic craft paint, sponge paint hearts onto the flower pot. Put some potting soil into the plastic bag and tie with a pretty ribbon. Add a packet of seeds and give it to your special Valentine. 


Free Mighty Leaf Tea Samples with Every Order

Monday, January 25, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/25/2016

I have been reading and hearing more and more on this subject, and it is starting to really get me upset. Not only do men make more money than women in many cases, but women are being charged more for items and services. One example I keep seeing is a boys scooter vs. a girls scooter, Same scooter, but I guess the pink paint is more expensive than the blue? The girls scooter was $20 more! 
  Next time you go to the store to buy your body wash, razor, or shampoo,  check out the prices of the same products that are made specifically for men and compare to the products made for women. Ok, I am not sure I want to smell like a man, but I will be looking at the razors. 
  Research shows that women pay more for similar clothing, also, such as jeans. 
  CBS did a piece on how a couple of their producers, one man and one woman, went to the same dry cleaners with the same shirt. Women were charged more at most of the places. It makes me wonder where else we get charged more being a woman. My thoughts go to car dealerships, maintenance people, etc. So, we either find a way to fight this or make sure a man always takes in dry cleaning and takes your car to get it fixed. Just in case.

                                                       Image from

If you have a Valentine and are crafty, here is a page full of things you can make.


Free Family Circle magazine

Free Western Horseman Magazine

Even though many are buried under snow, I am sure you are planning your spring gardens. Here are some free items to start collecting

L'Oreal is generous with free samples. I didn't order this one. It is for straight hair. A problem I do not have. 


Win a Rybio Lithium Tools Collection

Enter to win a Jimi Hendrix Stratocast Guitar and other Jimi Hendrix items

Make Money From Home

I tried to do direct sales. It is not for me. Once upon a time, but not any more. I make more money doing surveys from the comfort of my own sofa than trying to sell Avon, Thirty One, Tupperware, etc.
I am getting ready to transfer money to my PayPal account from MintVine Surveys.

I just started using Daily Breaks. It is different from many of the survey sites I use and is actually kind of fun. You can get all sorts of information from this site as well as recipes. They don't only take your info. They share!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/23/2016

The Reason I Use Frequent Shoppers Cards

This was my shopping expedition yesterday. All of this was free except for the cereal. This is why I push the shoppers cards. I had downloaded the free items from City Market/Kroger/King Sooper. I get notified on Facebook when the free items are available, usually every Friday. They had some extras this past week. I am too old for Lucky Charms, but I love them. They were only $1,99 because I used my City Market card. My only regret is I didn't look for a coupon first. Today I will scan the receipt with ReceiptHog and earn points that will transfer into cash. I will also check out Ibotta for a money rebate. I can actually enjoy shopping when I use my apps. Of course, before I walked into City Market, I had to turn on my ShopKick App to get even more points. Working towards a Walmart Card.

I am Making Money this morning. I played some games on my phone using Perk. I also ran some videos while checking on Facebook. Now, as I write this, I am running videos on my phone with Swagbucks. The more points the more money. I am on my way to putting $25 into my paypal account.

I discovered a new earning site, similar to Swagbucks

Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

Ok, we should all be taking our own bags to the store. I am having a hard time making a habit of this, I am sad to say. So, I take some to Walmart for them to recycle and I reuse others. They are good to line my small trash cans and I always keep one next to my mother to put her used tissues in or to put her sewing thread cuttings in.
  There are other uses also:
Use them to pick up after your doggy when going out for walks.
Use as extra padding when shipping out packages.
Keep a couple in a diaper bag to for dirty diapers. I always put the dirty diapers in one before
   throwing it away in public places. Seems nicer and cleaner.
Put your shoes in plastic bags before putting them in your luggage. Keeps any dirt from transferring
  on to clean clothes.
Cover outdoor plants to keep from them getting covered with frost.
Put bags over your shoes if you have to walk through mud to get to your car. I used this one a lot
   when I lived in West Virginia. We had just built a house and grass had not yet filled in. This kept
   my shoes clean for work.
Wrap them around your knees before digging in  your garden. It will keep your clean and give some
   added cushion.
Keep a few bags in your car. They are good to use for trash bags and also to hang from a window if
   your car breaks down.
Use them as fillers around pipes if you have a drafty spot. It can be used temporarily until you get it
Use as a hand mitt to spread onto wood.

And if you are a crafter, here are some ways to make things from bags, including yarn
Plastic bag crafts

FYI: If you do take your own bags to the grocery store, don't forget to clean the frequently, especially if you use them to carry meat.


I grab these whenever I see them. I love tea!


On this day in 1957, Wham-O toy company invented the flying disc that is known as a frisbee. I would encourage everyone to go out and play, but since many of your are buried in snow I guess you can use the as doll sleds or to dig out snow.

Friday, January 22, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/22/2016

                                                     Blizzard 2009 Broadway VA

All my friends out East are gearing up for a blizzard. They have been posting photos of the empty bread shelves. I worked at Walmart, so have seen this first hand. Once the word "snow" hits the media, there is a run on bread, milk, and bottled water. Oh, and beer. One of my friends mentioned toilet paper. Don't forget the toilet paper. That started me remembering life in the Azores. No, we had no snow there, but supplies could be limited sometimes. Crates fell off the ships occasionally. The commissary ran out of dry cat food for awhile due to that.
   We were there for the start of Desert Shield. We quickly discovered that war supplies were much more important than our comforts. Our supplies were being left in New Jersey while boats and planes were filled with war items. The first thing to go was soda. We had no soda on the base and the surrounding towns ran out quick. Americans can't seem to do without soda. I was getting care packages from home with peanut butter, macaroni, and other foods that kids like to eat. And that was only when they decided to send our mail. It was being left in New Jersey also.
   Dairy products were always an issue, war or not. They were flown in from Germany and there was a limit on how much milk and cheese you could buy at a time. We actually had a phone tree that would call when the dairy plane came in. One time, during the war, no toilet paper came in. The phone tree was used that day to see who had rolls to spare. Short lived tragedy, thankfully.

It is the start of the Mercury Retrograde. I had to look it up because I didn't really understand. I guess it when Earth catches up with Mercury, and so it makes Mercury look like it is moving backwards. According to the scientist on the news today, anything bad that happens is blamed on this retrograde. So, use it as an excuse if you are late for work, fight with a friend, etc. Here is the link to what I was watching this morning. I wish I had this guy for a teacher. I might love science if I did.
CBS News

What I Learned from Swagbucks

A new Ice Age movie is coming out in 2016. I love Ice Age!!

You can Learn and EARN at Swagbucks


I am digging for freebies today but they seem to be limited.

Here is one for a free coupon for OxyBump nasal spray, available at Target.

Free 7 count box of Truvia Sweetener


Enter to win 50 books good for 7 and 8 year olds. Great contest from Brightly

Win tea and coffee from Krup if you like their Facebook page

Here is an instant win game from Bath and Body Works

Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/21/2016

Get 10% off Pre-Packed Party Favors at Use code: 24165

I feel kind of guilty adding ads, but I am trying to be picky and put things I might be interested in.


I am not a great cook, and the easier, the better. When it is cheap to buy the ingredients, that is good also. Then of course, I look for coupons on, check Ibotta, Snap, and Checkout 51 for rebates. I threw this together last night. I did only half the recipe, however, since I don't feed many people. Boil 2 cups of macaroni (I used rotini because that is what I had), Put a 24 oz of spaghetti sauce and the cooked macaroni in a frying pan. Add 1 cup Mozzarella and 1/4 c Parmesan, and 1 12 1/2 oz can chunk chicken, drained. Heat and serve.
  This is great for busy moms. Serve with a vegetable and garlic bread.


Here is another Valentine idea. Cut out hearts and write on them "You're Just Write For Me". Cut two slits large enough to slip in a fun pencil.

What I Learned on Facebook

There have been many studies about dark chocolate having health benefits.I don't like dark chocolate. A study has shown that milk chocolate also has some benefits. Yay!! Ok, not good if you are trying to lose weight.
Consumers report


Win a trip to Hawaii or other prizes. You need to have a code from CheeseHead string cheese to win the trip but without a code you can enter for the other prizes.

Win a Nikon Coolpix. You need to be a receiver of this newsletter to be entered. I like the newsletter because I get the gift basket sweepstake information.

Enter to win Olio Carli Olive Oil Gift Box

Win free Baileys Coffee Creamer

Win Stonefire Flatbread

For Free

Free cat food sample from Fancy Feast

Free Luseta shampoo sample. You need to sign up for the newsletter but you can unsubscribe at any time.

                                               Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond Virginia

Free Genealogist Sites
I wish I could travel the paths of my ancestors but I am not wealthy. My research is mostly done from the comfort of my sofa, with laptop on my lap. I pay for, because I do some professional research and write family tree books, but there are great free resources I go to also. I only used the free resources and they got me a good start on my tree. 

The first resource I found was There are over 300,000 links listed on this site. Some of the links are free and some require some sort of payment or subscription. The links are marked with dollar signs if they are not free.
Another free resource I found was USGenWeb Archives . All the states are represented in these archives. You can find cemetery info, bibles, and various other records that volunteers have contributed. opened many doors for me when I started my searching. It offers message boards to leave inquiries. The World Connect Project is a large search engine. There are also Root L mailing lists. You are able to sign up for mail specific to last names, counties, countries, or interests such as Civil War. This tool connected me with distant relatives and people with information to help me on my search. I have found many of the lists I am interested in are not very active but you can check them out. 
The Church of the Latter Day Saints have been documenting family histories for many years. Their free website is I have been able to verify some of my relatives on this site, but there is human error occasionally so be careful. That is the rule of thumb with all the research sites.
Find a Grave is one of my main go to places. It is divided into two categories, Famous Graves and Non-famous graves. Cemeteries are listed and contributors take photos of the headstones. It is a great way to verify dates of birth and death. As a researcher, you can ask for photos to be taken if there is not one there yet, and you can add names, headstones or information that will help other researchers. Sometimes, there is more than just a headstone photo. I have also found obituaries and history information on this site. 
Google Search has been a good resource. I have found personal websites that have been full of family history, news reports, and obituaries.
Genealogy Gopher has a large library of printed material. I have found family books listing family members on this site.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/20/2016

I have to spend quite a bit of time at home, sitting with my mother. So, I am always looking at ways to save money, make money, bank money. There are some good programs out there. I am test driving many of them and will pass my discoveries to my readers. One program I have been on for many years is MyPoints. I get free gift cards for Christmas shopping every year. I do some of my online shopping from this site to get more points, but most of my points build up by opening email. They send out only a few a day, so not hard to keep up on. You can also take surveys and play games to rack up more points. It is free, which is my favorite price.

  Join MyPoints NOW!

My new discovery is Perk app. You can watch videos, play trivia, play scratch off cards and more. Again, it is free to join. After you accumulate a certain amount of points, transfer them into cash.

I have bought my first Christmas present for the next Christmas. Found a great used item for one of the collectors I shop for. I love facebook shopping. You never know what you can find on the yard sale pages.

I am able to turn my Ibotta points into cash. Got my first $20 through them. Woohoo! If you buy stuff, you should have the Ibotta app.

Candy you ate as a kid®


Get a free subscription of Diabetic Living. While there, if you are prompted to join RewardSurvey, it is a great survey site, if you like magazines. They only send out a limited amount of surveys so they don't jam up your inbox. Points are quick to add up and you can order magazines, digital magazines and books.

Free sample of Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Helpful Hint

I drink a lot of coffee. Here are some great uses for coffee grounds from Mother Earth News

©  | Dreamstime Stock Photos


Homemade Bird Treats

Here are some fun recipes the birds will enjoy

High Protein Birdie Treats
4 cups suet or solid kitchen fat
1 cup cracker or bread crumbs
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup millet
1/4 cup dried fruit such as raisins, currants or dates
1/4 cup peanuts or peanut butter
1. Melt the suet or fat in a large, heavy saucepan until it is liquid. Remove from heat and allow it to cool until slightly thickened
2. In a separate bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients and pour the cooled suet over the mixture. Stir thoroughly
3. While the mixture is still warm and pliable, you can spread it onto tree trunks or tree limbs, pack it into the spaces in pinecones and hang them from tree limbs, or spread it into a baking pan or several cake pans and refrigerate overnight. When the treats are hard, cut them into squares that will fit your feeder.

Soft Peanut Butter Treat
1 cup suet or solid fat
1 cup peanut butter
3 cups cornmeal
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup bread, cookie, or cracker crumbs
1. Melt the suet or fat in a heavy saucepan and when the fat is liquid, add the peanut butter and cornmeal. Stir and mix completely. Remove from heat. Add flour and crumbs and allow cooling and thickening slightly before packing or smearing on tree trunks, as described above.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/19/2016

There is a scam that has been going on for a while now. I had actually received this phone call a year ago. If you get a call from IRS stating that there is an arrest warrant out for you because you did not pay enough, JUST HANG UP!! I am not going to lie and say my stomach dropped when I heard these words, but I did just hang up. I then called IRS. Doctors and lawyers are falling for this and pulling out thousands of dollars and putting them on prepaid credit cards. Ok, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but this would never be a good thing.

There is a goat farm in Esmont, Virginia that is looking for volunteers to hug their baby goats. Who wouldn't love to hug and play with baby goats?

                                                                 photo from freeimages

I have member cards for every store that I shop at  that actually offers them. I get discounts on gas, can load coupons onto them, and get points and discounts on other items. If you have a Kroger/City Market card, they offer free items to download onto your card every Friday. I have gotten gum, candy, yogurt, Oreo cookies, cat food and more. This week it is Friday everyday! Check your stores website or link to their Facebook page to get the download.

I cut the cord to cable/satellite tv years ago. I have a smart tv and antennae to get the local network channels, Hulu, and Netflix. Here is an article on ways you can cut the cord and still get the television you want.
TV Price Cuts


UKotex Sample. Goes quickly

I have said it before, and I will say it again. I do not pay for magazines. Get a free subsciption to Parents Magazine here.
Free Magazine


I keep entering these contests and hope to win one day. Lovely gift baskets. This is for a fruit and chocolate basket.

$1000 shopping spree with River Bend

Make Money At Home

I make money at If you would like to check out my gigs, I write 5 letters, do 2 hours of family research, take headstone photos, and more, for only $5. You can get your own gigs or orders products and services by clicking here

It is nearing Valentines Day. If you have the time and want to make extra money from home, Cloud Source has a job opening delivering flowers for 1 800 Flowers.

Monday, January 18, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/18/2016

I haven't done anything since I have been back from Virginia, so there isn't much to write on my less than exciting life. So, I will post some Valentines ideas, freebies, sweepstakes, and helpful hint.

Unplug the Kids

It is nearing Valentines Day, or so the stores keep showing me by all the pink and red displays, which started immediately, if not before, Christmas. This year, instead of taking the easy way out and picking up the cheap paper Valentine cards that everyone else will be giving out, sit with your children and make homemade cards. One year, we cut out and decorated butterfly wings and taped them to a stick of gum. Another year, we put small candy into zippered plastic snack bags. We used a hole punch at the top of the bag and with a ribbon and homemade tag, we labeled each with the name of each classmate.

Here are some more ideas from ParentMap

In My Inbox

I have become more social, so I have started wearing a little bit of make up. I know there are "rules" for older people,  but I read some "rules" for girls with glasses.
Makeup with glasses


Free sample of your choice of deodorant

Free tea sample from Hyson


If you want to go to the SuperBowl, enter to win with

I am trying to get my washer through the winter, but not sure how much longer is it going to last. I hope to win a new washer and dryer from Speed Queen

I love to enter contests run by magazines. If you follow suit, be careful. It is possible to enter the contest without subscribing to the magazines, but you have to read a bit and make sure you enter at the right spot. This is a Womans Day contest. They have a nice list of  prizes. Enter here to win a Dove prize package

I go to Kmart to shop sometimes, and I have a rewards card. Discounts are always good. There is a contest page for Kmart and Sears. I go there frequently to enter their long list of contests. Some are for points to use on your shopping trips. I win frequently here.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/17/2016

Join BlogLovin   

I am doing my usual morning stuff. Drinking my Folgers, watching CBS Sunday Morning, working on my money making sites, entering sweepstakes, and blogging. The sun is shining, but it is still so very cold. I am anxiously waiting for the spring. I am having fill valve problems with my washer. Before I figured this out (while I was away on vacation my washer filled up with water on its own) my garage flooded. I have gotten most of the water out but I am sure it is an ice rink this morning. I am afraid to look. I have no exciting plans this week. There are things I need to do around the house, so guess that is what I will do.

I have made no secret that I am trying to make money from home. I have tried to get into the direct sales of items from Avon and Thirty One. I don't think it is my thing. A friend wants me to sell Ldara, anti aging lotion. Very nice lotion, but very expensive. I love the way it makes my skin feels, and maybe a couple of lines are looking more filled in. However, my sister in law is into essential oils and is always learning something new. She has discovered carrot seed oil and has made a nice lotion using it. It looks to work as good as Ldara and is so much cheaper. I am testing a bit of it now. I would love to look younger using my low income budget.


Free cinnamon tea bags
Free Tea

Free Zing Sweetener from Walmart. These go quickly


I love gift baskets of all kinds. During award season, there are Swag Bags offered for winning. I would love love love to win one. Here is a link so you can also have a chance to win
Swag bag

This turned out to be a newsletter that will come to my email, so I will check it out and unsubscribe if I don't like it. They are giving away a card game called Spot It. I love games and that is what my kids do when we get together and I also have a group that get together for board game day. It is a great way to get to know people, catch up, and laugh.
Spot It

Here is a chance to win a food processor

Helpful Hints/Fun Facts

I have read that if you eat almonds, it will help keep your hair its natural color. Almonds boost the body's ability to produce catalase, the enzyme that helps keep your hair from turning gray.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/16/2016

Back home from vacation. I kept saying I was going home when I went to Virginia, but realize Colorado is my home now. I enjoyed my stay and my visiting, but I love my life in Colorado and am happy to be back home with my dogs. I slept better with them crowding me in my bed than I did when I slept in a big bed by myself. Go figure....

Vacation has depleted my bank account, so I have to find ways to sit at home and make money. I learned that Swagbucks is a great way to make gift cards to buy my groceries at Walmart, so have been working that this morning. I have friends that make 50 or more dollars a month just on Swagbucks. They watch videos and take surveys. Not hard to do. I have videos running as I write this. :) If you want to start earning you can sign up here Swagbucks.


Win a set of 12 mystery novels
Win books

Travel Channel always have contests going on for ultimate trips. They are giving away a trip to the Caribbean and to Belize.
Win Trips


Free Family Fun Magazine Subscription
Free Magazine

Free Jerky Sample from Alien Fresh Jerky

Odd Stories and Fun Facts

The End of the World ---1889

Dallas Morning News
October 27 1889

Considerable excitement prevails in the vicinity of Screamerville, Spotsylvania County, at the adventists' camp-meeting in that place. Those gathered there predict that the world will come to an end before the end of the month. A number of farmers have left their homes, turned their stock out on the commons and are living in the advnetists' camp. Others refuse to work, and only go home at night. Many have not sown their fall wheat on this account, and say they will not put a single grain of seed in the ground, as the Lord is certainly coming this year. About fifty persons are living at the camp, waiting patiently and confidently for the end of this world.

Unplug and Still Have Fun

If you like to feed the birds in the winter, here is an easy way to recycle toilet rolls AND feed the birds. Spread peanut butter on some empty toilet paper rolls and then roll onto bird seed. These can be put easily on tree or bush branches.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/7/2016

I woke up early today. Getting excited to leave for Virginia and there is so much to do yet. I am sad about putting my dogs in the kennel. Especially the little old, blind, deaf guy. He will be confused and miserable. No choice though, unfortunately.
  This will be my last entry for a few days. I will be enjoying my kids and friends.

It has been cold and flu season. I had both so it has been a rough couple of months. Here are some easy ideas to help you get through it.
   My brothers doctor told him to spray saline in his nose as soon as a cold starts to set in. It has helped keep colds at bay for 10 years now.
   If your nose is stuffy, suck on a peppermint. Peppermint helps open the nasal passages. The stronger, the better.
   Chicken noodle soup does the same. It also help keep you hydrated and energizes your body. Or eat some horse radish.
   In the olden days, a mustard plaster was used to relieve chest congestion. You can do the same by rubbing yellow mustard on your chest and place a warm, wet wash cloth over it.
   Drinking hot tea helps replace lost bodily fluids and relieves congestion.
   To help you sleep at night, eat a teaspoon of honey or add it to hot tea. I thought the caffeine would keep me awake, but I have found I sleep better if I have a cup of tea with honey and lemon.

Make Money At Home
  While drinking my coffee in the morning, I work on the small bank accounts that I have online. This is the money I will use on some upcoming vacations I would like to take.
   I run Swagbucks videos on  my phone while I earn points on my computer by taking Swagbucks polls and looking at their offers.
   I just signed up for Instant Gift Cards and got $10 just for signing up. I added $5 to this by completing tasks. You can redeem in gift cards or cash. I plan to opt for cash.
   Another site that offers cash or gift cards is Perk. Phone app to watch videos, play games and more.
  Anytime I spend money and get a receipt I use Receipt Hog and Ibotta to get money back. My small accounts are adding up nicely. 


I always get free magazines from this site. As a business, I usually use my home selling business, so Rhondas store, or something like that. They are giving away a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.
Free Mag

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/6/2016

My vacation is coming up on me quick, so trying to tie all the lose ends, start packing, run errands, pay bills, etc. So here I sit on the computer......
  I had a good day yesterday, albeit busy. I met up with a group of L'dara representatives. A friend has invited me to sign up to sell it. The product is anti-aging and is supposed to be great. I am testing it, but there is not any extra money in my account to buy in to sell it. Maybe one day I will seriously consider it. Had a nice time talking to my friend though.
  Met up with my ghost hunting team, trying to schedule some trips and organize for a house investigation coming up later this month. Always fun with them and the pie at Village Inn was yummy.
  Afterwards, a couple of us went to a bar for open mic jazz/blues. That was fun. A lot of talented men took the stage. I did get home later than I meant to and up earlier than I wanted to be, but I enjoy the times I go out with friends. It had been many many years and I am living to be happy, so the time with my friends, doing things I enjoy, is very important to me at this stage of my life.

From my inbox

I get several newsletters from various magazines and websites. Today there was an article from Womans Day about pool noodles and various uses. Stock up at the end of next summer when they are on sale!
Pool Noodles

Make Money

Did you get a FitBit for Christmas? I found an article on Pinterest that tells you how you can make money using your new FitBit.
FitBit Money

FREEBIES (I only post them if I order them. No surveys or credit cards)

Get samples of Loreal Hair products

Get samples of Garnier Fructis Hair product

Free Prince Alan Tea
Free Tea

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/5/2016

I am really tired of winter. Last year the weather was pretty decent. I didn't have to wear a heavy coat very often. Not so this year. An inversion has set into the valley and the snow won't melt. I am not used to living in a place that only has eight snow trucks for the county and so only main roads get plowed and treated. Not enjoying leaving my house and driving in this junk. And my father had put the washer and dryer in  the garage. One, it is cold out there! Two, my washer keeps freezing up, even with a heater running onto it. I have been trying to get all my laundry caught up before I leave for vacation. It has been slow going.
  Today the dogs got their shots caught up for the kennel. They were excited to see people until they were stuck with needles.

   I check every day because I do five dollars gigs on that site. My account is building slowly but I have nearly $100 sitting there now. This money will be going toward my next vacation. Reunion in Las Vegas. If you are interested in making a little side money, check it out. Or if you are in need of some research, some art work, and so much more, there are various gigs available for $5.

I was excited yesterday when I checked my mail. I have a Keurig machine but the coffee is so expensive so don't buy k-cups often. I use a little filter and fill up with the coffee I have on hand. I use tea bags and a hot water kettle, and my hot chocolate comes out of little packets. I did get k-cups in the mail yesterday.....FREE! It was hot chocolate, not coffee, but that is alright by me.


I get a lot of magazines in the mail, and I don't pay for one subscription. Here is one for you. A free subscription to Family Fun. Order now because it won't last long.
Family Fun


Win games and game day stuff. Bean bag chairs, board games, ping pong table
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Monday, January 4, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/4/2016

This day every year is a little sad for me. Jan 4, 2009 my husband lost his battle with cancer. Every year is easier to get through, but the memories still hit hard. I put on IHeartRadio on the Casey Kasem station. They are playing the top 100 hits of 1985, which is the year I was married. Just enjoying happy memories today.
   I am gearing up for my vacation back home to Virginia. Pulled out my paperwork and realized I don't see a rental car on it. I have spent much of the morning on hold with various agencies trying to figure out if I have to order a car or if there will be one waiting for me in Dulles airport. The phone systems at NavyFederalCreditUnion are having problems (I made reservations using my credit card points so got to start there) and then my phone died, so this still is not rectified. GRRRRR...

  Listening to the 1985 music, I just heard Ashford and Simpson's Solid as a Rock. This is truly an amazing love story. She was working at a church that was hosting a homeless meal. She heard someone playing the piano, and it ended up being a homeless man and her future husband. Maya Angelou and Ashford and Simpson put an album out in 1996 called Been Found. It is a wonderful collaboration and I recommend it be listened to at least once by every body.


Do you like coffee? Do you have a Krups? Check out their facebook page. There are a couple of sweepstakes on it

Ethan Allen is giving away a shopping spree!
Ethan Allen

GrillBot Grill Cleaner giveaway.
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Are you a Broncos fan? Get a free fan kit here. Looks to include a pennant, and maybe a decal and stickers.
Bronco Kit has some good coupons to download. Didn't see any free samples today

I like to earn free money doing simple things. Receipt Hog is a phone app you can use to snap photos of your receipts and earn points to turn into cash. When you sign up please use my referral, stund428.
Receipt Hog

There is another phone app that is good for making money. OfferUp. If you have items you want to buy or sell, check into OfferUp. It is local, so you make arrangements to meet buyers/sellers (I recommend a nice public parking lot) to do transactions.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Walk Through Life 1/2/2016

I slacked off on getting a blog entry yesterday. I spent part of the day napping after a rough night of playing board games. I also put away Christmas decorations.
   I hope you all had a great New Years. This was the first New Years I was awake for it in many years. I went to a friends house we participated in the New Years tradition of my past: playing board games. Apples to Apples is fun but playing with teenagers and a 10 year old boy puts a spin on it. I hadn't been around kids those ages in awhile so you have to think like them them to win any point cards. I did better with the board game version of 20 Questions, although those teenagers are pretty smart. If you want a good game to add to your collection, 20 Questions is a great one. I have never seen it regular stores. It is available at and they have different versions.
   Last night I met up with a small group of my friends for dinner and conversation. I had been in the house with my mother for a week. A stroke has left her unable to talk, so conversation is very limited. It is nice to go out with friends and we talked for four hours. I am sure the restaurant we were at was ready to get us out so they could clean and close. We didn't quite close the place down, but it was close. I have mentioned this before but I can never mention it enough. If you are bored and/or lonely and need to meet people with interests that you share, check into your local website. It is not a singles site but a site to allow you to meet up with people who share your interests whether it is wine drinking, hiking, history, movies, networking, etc. I am part of a social group and we socialize. We may meet up for live music, happy hour, a ballet, board games, or whatever catches our fancy at the time. It is the best thing I have done for myself in 2015.
   Looking into my new year, I do have my own set of goals and adventures coming up. Next weekend I will be with my friends and kids in Virginia.
   I have a gym membership and about 35 pounds to lose. I had been sick most of November and December with sinus infection and flu. Now I have to make sure I start back at the gym. I have a reunion in September and would like to be a sexy hot mama.
   I am looking forward to my school reunion. We had one in 2015 in Las Vegas. Had so much fun, we are doing it again!
   I want to get some good geocaching in. I enjoy the treasure hunt of geocaching. I have seen some fun places during the hunt. My problem is, I don't like going out by myself. When the weather gets warm, I have a teenager and a 10 year old I am going to kidnap and drag out with me. I am also not very good at the hobby, so they will probably be a great asset. If you are looking for something different to do, check out Geocaching. It is a great way to unplug and get some fresh air. It is a hobby that can be done all over the world. Have gps, will travel! I have a bag I travel with. I keep small trinkets to trade out if I find something good in the cache. Never know what will be there. Pen knives, gift cards, kids jewelry, souvenirs, and such.

 You just never know what around you  is a geocache. This one looks pretty official, but it is a geocache. A small treasure is hidden inside.
   My 2016 is also looking good for local road trips and ghost hunting. I am always up for road trips and ghost hunting!
   In 2015, I have collected some great friends and have connected with some family members. I am planning to yard sale with my aunt, hang out with my brothers family, and go on adventures with my friends. I see no ugliness in my upcoming year. Only positive.
   I am wishing you the same.

Since I do not work out of home, and I have so many things to do and places to go, I have several small online accounts that I build up savings with. Shopping apps, writing pages, ebay, etc. (I will post them a bit at a time. I have some posted on my past entries.). I also put all my five dollar bills and coins in a savings account. If I have an extra one dollar bill or two around, I buy lotto tickets. All small winnings go into another lotto ticket. Anything over 5 dollars go straight to my bank account. I am not getting rich quick, but it will get me to Las Vegas in September.
   I just read an article on different ways to make money on getting fit in 2016. Here is that article for you to read. Might help us all get into that one resolution we all make every year.
Make Money


Send free teabags to a friend to brighten their day

Free coffee samples from CaffeMonte
free coffee

Free coffee and tea samples. Ok, I ordered this before I read about it. It is mushroom infused. Eww. I don't like mushrooms. My brother in law did sell this type of coffee at one point. I guess he likes it?
Try it if you dare. It is healthy according to the website

Free Cruise. I haven't been able to take advantage of this one but it is a great deal. I like FREE.


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