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Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Walk Through Life 5/28/16

                                       Arch in Edzell, Scotland

My biggest desire is to travel more. I grew up in the military, joined the military, and married military, so have been able to live in exciting places such as what is now Eritrea, Hawaii, Scotland, the Azores, Japan, and various mainland states.There are so many other places to see though. I have a savings account specific for trips. I managed to visit friends and family in Virginia at the beginning of the year, and will be going to a reunion in Las Vegas in September. After that, who knows. I have friends all over the world, so some great options are available to me. I really want to take a cruise, either river or ocean. 
   I came across a great article on Penny Hoarder. Here are some options on how a person can travel for free. 
Free Travel
  Here are the methods I build my travel account:
 Rebates with Ibotta
  Make money with Swagbucks
  Money back with Ebates
  Play games, watch videos and more with Perk
  Recycle my aluminum cans
 Sell items on Ebay
 When I get my paycheck each month, what ever is left in my checking account gets rolled over into my savings and I start fresh. It is an incentive to use coupons and curtail my spending
  All my change and five dollar bills go into my savings account.
It all adds up and I get excited when I have enough to plan my trip.

Smart Art Box


Free subscription of Western Horseman

Free subscription to Good Housekeeping

Free gummy probiotics and a fizzy drink


Win a Bullet Blender

Win $5000 for a dream vacation or other fun summer prizes

Win a Ford Escape

Win a Bug Out Survival Kit



Potsie: Make a hole in an area of dirt. The object of the game is to be the first person to shoot a marble into the hole. To start the game, each player takes a marble and drops it ten feet or so from the “pot”. Now the players take turns shooting their marble towards the hole. The main rule is that the person who has a marble farthest away from the hole gets to shoot, even if they get to shoot several times in a row. The first person to get the pot gets everyone else’s marbles in that round and a new round starts.

Duck Duck Goose
  All players except the one who has been chosen to be “It” sits on the ground in a circle. The person who is “It” walks around the circle and GENTLY taps the players on head or shoulder saying Duck, Duck until he chooses a Goose. The goose chases “It” around the circle trying to tag him before he sits in the empty space in the circle.

Red Light, Green Light
  One player is “It” and stands a distance away from the other players who are lined up next to each other, facing him. “It” turns away from them and say “Green Light”. The other players run towards him, with the goal of tagging “It”. He says “Red Light” and turns around. Players need to freeze and if “It” sees them move, he calls them out. The first person who tags “It” takes over that spot.

Color Tag
  Choose a course to run. It can be around the house, from one tree to another, from one side of the yard to the other, for some examples. One person is chosen to be “It”. The others go into a huddle and choose a color for each of them to be. Everyone gathers at the starting point. “It” calls out colors. When a players color is called, that person runs the course. “It” tries to tag them before they reach safety. It they are caught, they are “It” and everyone chooses a new color. If that person is safe, the game continues by calling out a new color.

Freeze Tag
  One person is chosen to be “It”. All the other players run away from “It”. If they are tagged, they have to freeze until another player comes and touches them to unfreeze them. All the players are trying to run to the spot that was chosen to be “Safe”. When all the players have escaped “It” and got to the safe spot, a new person is chosen to be “It”
  Another way to unfreeze someone is to tag them and call out a tv show, or a color, or an animal.

Flashlight Tag
  Before play, decide on a spot for home base. One person is “It” and gets a flashlight. That person closes his eyes and counts to 20 and the other players move around. “It” opens his eyes and turns on the flashlight. Players are “out” if they are found by the flashlight beam and named before they reach home base.

Human Knot
  All players need to form a close circle. Everyone reaches into the middle and joins hands with two other players. While holding hands, everyone steps back a little bit without breaking the knot. Try to untangle without letting go of anyone’s hands. If you can’t untangle the knot, let go and try again.

Follow the Leader
   One person is chosen to the be the leader and everyone else does what the leader does. You can tap your head, jump on one foot, for example.

Obstacle Course
  You can make an obstacle course and use a stop watch to find out who is the fastest. Crawl under lawn chairs, go through tunnels made from large boxes, hop on a rock path, jump rope, balance something on your head, or dodge the sprinkler. Look around the yard and see what you can come up with.

Target Practice
  Set up plastic cups on a wall, a fence, or a table. Shoot them down with a water gun.

Slippery Slide
   Make a slippery slide using a 4 1/2 by 12 ft piece of heavy plastic. Place on lawn and water down or place near a sprinkler.

Make a Backyard Football Goalpost:

Two 48 inch (½ inch diameter) wooden dowels
3 pool noodles
2 pool noodle connectors
  Mark two spots five feet apart. Set the dowels at each spot six inches into the ground, then slip a noodle over each dowel. Put the connectors at each end of the third noodle and place it on top of the other two for the crossbar. The crossbar can be lowered or raised for the different ages of the players. Now your backyard can be a football field.

Four Square
   Draw a large square with chalk. Divide the square into four parts. 2 to 4 players can play the game using a good bouncing ball. Each player takes turns bouncing the ball to another players, who in turns bounces it to another player. When the ball bounces in a square but is missed by a player, that is a point against that player. If the ball doesn't hit into the square, that is a point against the person hitting it in.
The player who ends up with the most points, loses.

Glow in the Dark Ring Toss
Glow Sticks with connectors, such as the ones to make bracelets
Playdough, clay, or putty
Shallow tray
   Make rings using glow sticks and connectors. Tape 4 activated glow sticks to the top of the ruler. Use the putty to attach the ruler to the middle of the tray. Tuis is a great game to play in the dark inside or outside.

Go for a nature walk and collect items such as leaves, small stones, and sticks. Make a collage with these items gluing them onto a poster board or construction paper. Have an adult help with hot glue if needed.

Make a waterscope and watch life under the water (Adult supervision recommended)

Can opener
Empty coffee can
Duct tape
Plastic wrap
Wide rubber band
  Use the can opener to remove the bottom of the of the coffee can. (you may need an adults help.) Cover the sharp edges with duct tape. Stretch the plastic wrap tightly over one end of the can. Make is smooth with no wrinkles. Put the rubber band around the wrap to keep it secure against the can and then duct tape it to keep it very tight. Put the covered end into the water and look inside the can. It will magnify anything in the water for you to see it better. Make sure you are safe and with an adult.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Walk Through Life 5/14/2016

Join me on PINCHme 
This is what I received in my first FREE box. Love free samples!

I have vowed to not post any blogs about politics or religion, but this made me laugh. I have seen so many people post that they will not stay in the United States if Trump becomes president. I won't lie. The thought of Hilary or Trump scares me and the thought going to Belize has crossed my mind. Well, the weather conditions and beaches may have also played a part in that. 
   This morning I read an article about a dating site called Maple Match. I didn't realize that during many election periods, Americans cross over to Canada. Now there is an easy way. Disgruntled Americans and single Canadians will get put on a waiting list to get hooked up. Right now, there are many more Americans than there are Canadians signed up, so it might be a long wait for some.

And talking about dating sites, if you love the paranormal, and would like to be match up with someone else who loves the paranormal, check out Corsentra


Win a trip to the Bahamas

Win a BMW or $3000 for a road trip

Win Beach Prizes from Arbor Mist.

Win a Toyota Rav4 or other prizes from Bass Pro


Free Dominoes Gift Certificate. They will text you when it is active. This is how I received my bottle of Victorias Secret Lotion

Free subscription to Digital Photo magazine

Free subscription to Womans Day magazine

Free Coffee Mug

Make Memorable. Create a photo gift.


Swagbucks is a simple way to earn points to trade in for money or gift cards. In the morning I run videos on my phone. I have it set up that I get notifications when there is a SwagCode available. I also made it as my default search. It is easy to get points. You also get extra points when you refer friends. I am wairting for my $25 Walmart card to come in the mail. 

Kids Party Game Ideas

When I was a kid, birthday parties were fun with games and prizes. My kids went to a lot of birthday parties, and not many fun games were played. They would eat cake, open presents, and run around. Here are some ideas to bring the fun back to parties

Ball in Cup Game: Hang three paper cups, using tape, off one side of a table so that the cup opening is level with the edge of the table. Put small prizes in each cup. The prizes can be stickers, candy, pencils, erasers, or coins. Give two players a paper towel roll and put a ping pong ball in front of each of them. The players have to gently blow the ball across the table, trying to get the ball into a cup. If the ball goes into a cup, the winner gets to choose a prize. If the ball goes over the side of the table without landing in a cup, that players turn is over. Keep taking turns and playing until all the prizes are gone.

Count the Beans: Use a large glass jar with a lid. Count out jelly beans and fill the jar with the beans. Each guest has to try to guess the amount of jelly beans in the jar. The person with the closest guess wins a prize.

Balloon Pop: Before blowing up balloons, put a piece of paper in some of them that gives the name of a prize. Everyone gets a chance to pop balloons and if they pop the balloon with a paper in it, they win the prize. If you don't want to give sharp objects to kids to pop balloons with, let them sit on the balloons until they pop. 

Trash Can Basketball: Using a small trashcan and a Nerf ball. Let the players throw the ball and see how many times they can make a “basket”.

Penny Toss: Using a checker board, let the players throw ten pennies. Give points for each penny that lands completely on a red square.

Penny Toss 2: Cut off the top third of a plastic milk jug, leaving the handle. Use it to play penny toss. Pick a spot to stand and see how many pennies out of a ten each player can get into the jug.

Penny Toss 3: Remove the top of an egg carton and mark the inside of the cups with numbers 1, 2, and 3. Each player takes a turn throwing the same number of pennies. Add up the score and the high score wins.

Scavenger Hunt: Hide clues around the house and/or yard that lead the players to the goodies at the end, whether it is the cake, goodie bags, or prizes. Or another option is to hide prizes such as pencils, candy, or other small prizes around for the players to find.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Walk Through Life 5/5/2016

As I look at my email today, and see a Paypal transaction notification, I want to remind people, or make them aware, that if Paypal REALLY sends you an email, it will addressed to you by name. I have been hacked twice on my account, through no fault of my own that I can tell, but I always look for ways to stay safer on the internet. 

As the weather gets warmer, my clothes get thinner and not as bulky. I realize how bulky I am. I have a gym membership that I bought thinking that if I am paying for it, I will use it. I did...for awhile. I need to get back on that treadmill. My little hiking trips are killing me. Reading a pile of FREE magazines, I came across an article in Weight Watchers. Here are some fun ways lazy people can get excercise:
  1. Walk a dog. If you don't have one, borrow one periodically
  2. Every time you are in a car and it stops at a red light, squeeze your abs until the light turns green. 
  3. Do squats. Whenever you are waiting for water to boil, when you are drying your hands, etc, squat.
  4. Pick a spot to keep your phone that will force you to get up and walk to see your messages.
  5. Spring clean. Making your house sparkle burns 400 calories per hour.
  6. When you are in the kitchen waiting for you coffee to brew, do some incline push-ups using the countertop.
  7. You can burn 167 calories by washing your car
  8. If you are watching Netflix, and it asks you if you are still watching, get up and do 10 jumping jacks
  9. Take a 15 minute walk after dinner
  10. Download the app Zombies, Run! Every time you walk, run, jog it will move your character away from the Zombies.
  11. Switch from a purse to a backpack. Carrying a loaded backpack strengthens your back and core.
  12. When you are doing dishes (am I the only one who washes dishes?) tighten your abs and lift your heels off the floor until you are standing on your tippy toes. Hold for 2 seconds.
  There are many more in the magazine: Mar/Apr 2016 edition. These were some of my favorites.


If you are working on your weight and health, you can make money doing it by using the app Pact. Every week you commit to reach a goal. If you don't reach your goal, you will pay out. If you do, you will be paid by members who didn't. 


Win a $500 Visa or American Express Card from Dummies

Win a new deck


Free Avery Ultra Tabs. Great to help organize my genealogy files

Free Subscription of Family Circle magazine

Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Walk Through Life 5/1/2016

Happy May Day! Spring is working hard to arrive. There still has been snow falling in some of the Western States, but hopefully I have seen the last of the dreaded white stuff. I am waiting for the rain to stop so I can do some yard work.
  I am not a gardener, by any means. I am more the anti-gardener. No green thumb here! But with spring comes the bees, butterflies, and humming birds. I made my sugar water for the hummers. (4 cups water to 1 cup of sugar). I haven't seen any yet but I think one skimmed my head this morning.
  Now I am looking for milkweed to put out for the Monarchs and just got my free seeds for my bee garden. I also tend to have a lot of mosquitoes, so would like to plant flowers to help keep them at bay. 

Flowers to attract butterflies

Plant a Bee Garden

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes


Win a Cornhole Game

Win a trip to San Francisco, a library of books, and See Candy

Win Hormel Bacon Toppings or Gift Cards

Checkout 51 Offers


Free Adult Coloring Sheets to Print Out.

Free Sample of Allegra Allergy 24 hr

Free subscription to Outdoor Life Magazine

Mother's Day is coming. Check out what Pier 1 has to offer


I traveled with my kids before portable game systems, so we had to find ways to keep everyone entertained. These are the things we did. If you keep your eyes on your game system, you will miss the world passing you by. 

Have your parents get you a plastic dishpan to hold books and other items while taking long car trips. Keep a travel bag or backpack close at hand and pack items to keep you entertained. Some suggestions are: books, notepad and pencils for games and doodles or to write stories, coloring books and crayons, a music player and head phones.

Pack a scrapbook, tape, glue, and scissors. Each night take time to write a description of the fun you had during the day and paste the treasures you collected. Things to collect: menus, ticket stubs to any museums or parks that you went to, a map with your travels marked with a colored pencil or highlighter, s well as photos and postcards. When your teacher asks you what you did on your summer vacation you will have something to share.

Games to Play

Hangman: One person thinks of a word and writes “__” for each letter in the word. The other players have to guess what letters are in the word until they can guess the word. For each wrong letter guessed, add a body part to make a stick figure (head, body, legs, etc). If a whole body is drawn before the word is guessed, the same person picks a new word. If it is guessed correctly, the person who guessed correctly gets to choose the next word.

I Spy: One person says “I spy with my little eye, something that is” and finishes the sentence with green or round, or purple, describing something that they see. Now everyone takes turns trying to guess what it is. The player who guesses correctly gets to choose a new item. If no one can guess in 10 tries, the same players gets to Spy again.

The Zoo Game: Draw pictures of all the animals you see and collect them in your paper zoo.

Bingo: Everyone makes a Bingo Card. Write Bingo on top and make five squares under each letter. Have a parent give you words to put into your squares and don’t put them in order, that way everyone will have a different game card. Some of the words can be cow, golden arches, wheel barrow, yellow car, or stretch limo. They need to be things you might see on your trip. Every time one of the items is spotted, everyone puts an X on there card in the square with that word. The first person who gets a line across, down, or diagonal wins. Another way to play is for everyone to put different words on their card and the first person to find all of their items wins.

ABC Animals: Start with one person and with the letter A. That person has to think of an animal that starts with A, such as alligator. Next person thinks of an animal that starts with the letter B, and then all the other letters in the alphabet. There are many variations of this game. If the animal is alligator, the next person has to use the last letter of the word, so it could be R and rabbit. Continue playing until you run out of animals or get tired of the game. You can also play the same game using countries, cities, songs, etc.

License Plate Game: During long trips, keep an on-going list of the different license plates you see. Try to find all 50 states and include Mexico and Canada.

ABC Game: Look out the window and find each letter of the alphabet starting with A and ending with Z. There are no winners, and you play quietly by yourself and you do not have to write anything down. It just makes the time go by faster on long boring trips.

20 Questions: One player is chosen to think of something for the others to guess. It has to be a person, place, or thing. The other players take turns asking questions that will help them figure out what it is. The questions have to be answered by "yes" or "no" only. Example: "Are you thinking of a person?" Only 20 questions can be asked. If the word isn't figured out by 20 questions, the same person gets to think of another word.If someone guesses the word, that person gets to be the one to think of a new word.

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