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Monday, November 28, 2016

My Walk Through Life 11/28/2016

Green Christmas Pickle Shatterproof Ornaments - 3 Pack Bundle - 4.5" Tall

Do you have a Christmas Pickle ornament hidden on your Christmas tree? If not, here is a new tradition for you.
   In the 1880s the Woolworth stores received ornaments from Germany. Many were in the shapes of fruits and vegetables, and for some odd reason, pickles. It was told that the Christmas Pickle was an old German tradition. The ornament was the last on hung on the tree, and the child who finds it first gets an extra present. Well, it seems that this story is a myth, but what a fun tradition!
   There are two other stories linked with the pickle. One is of a Bavarian born American Civil War soldier. He was a prisoner and was starving. He begged a guard for one last pickle before he died. The guard gave him a pickle, which gave the soldier the strength to live on.
   Then there is a medieval story of two Spanish boys traveling home from boarding school. They stopped at an inn that was owned by a very bad man. He killed the boys and hid them in a pickle barrel. St. Nichola stopped by that evening and miraculously brought the boys back to life.


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