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Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Walk Through Life 9/15/2016


I spent a fun filled weekend in Las Vegas. Graduating high school in Hawaii makes it difficult for many to got to reunions back in the islands. Many of us moved to the Mainland. So, this is the second time I have met up with schoolmates in Sin City. In school, I was rather shy and awkward. I still am awkward, but Facebook has allowed me to connect with people from my old school and we have become friends. It is fun meeting them face to face, seeing them again, and meeting more friends. I have learned a lot this past time. How to gamble (won half of what I lost), how to get things for free, and where to eat cheaply. Next years reunion: Hawaii!! I need to keep making money at home and putting it in my saving account!

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What I am about to write needs to be shared with EVERY woman on Facebook. Every other day or so, I receive friend requests from strange men. They only have a couple of photos of themselves. Few friends (all women), and their profile is new. Many are generals, like generals have time to troll women on Facebook. Many others are military. One US Military member was set in an office with only Arabic writing in the background. Odd. All the men are attractive, single/widowed. Some post kids photos (when checked are not theirs. Stolen photos). These men are up to no good. They are going to harass you, get money from you, or some other ill deed. I am amazed at the women that accept their request. There is an app I have downloaded onto my computer. It is called Tin Eye. You can right click on a photo and it will tell you various times it has been used for scam. If I see that the photo has been used/stolen, I report it to Facebook. Lonely women in the world need to stop becoming connected with these men.

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