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Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Walk Through Life 3/24/2016

Warm weather is on it's way, or so someone keeps telling me. That means I have to think about shaving my legs more. Being single, I don't much worry about having hairier legs than my dogs but it is time to go shopping for razors. I shared on my blog earlier that you pay more for women's products when you can get the same item sold to men for a lower price. I think I will do some comparison shopping this time. I usually go for the pink, but always looking for a way to save a buck.

On the news today, they were talking about the website and app for Blink Health. Before ordering your medications from Canada, check this out. I am not on meds, but it seems to be a great program. And it is FREE to join. You only pay for the medications you need, and pick them up from your local pharmacy.


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Womans Day magazine always has great giveaways. I have won makeup from them

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I have been cleaning my yard and my lawn is looking rough. I am not a gardener and my husband always took care of the lawn, so I am very inexperienced. I have started going through my collections of helpful hints, trying to find ways to help the lawn get healthy again. 

For a nicer lawn: Mix 1 cup Epsom salt, 1 cup Listerine, 1 cup liquid soap, 1 cup ammonia, 2 cans of  beer. Use 1 quart of mixture for every 2500 square feet of lawn. Apply using a hose and spray  attachment.

If you have brown spots due to having dogs, (and boy do I!) dissolve one cup of baking soda in a gallon of water and sprinkle on the burnt spots with a watering can. Repeat every 3 days. The baking soda will neutralize the acid of the urine and deodorize the area so maybe the dog(s) will find a new place to "go". 

Monday, March 21, 2016

My Walk Through Life 3/21/2016

                                                                (Taken from Denver7)

Every morning when I open up Facebook, there is something to make me laugh. Today I cried. 13 year old Delaney Clements lost her battle with cancer. 
  Our community became aware of Delaney when media picked up the story of a school mate who shaved her head in support of her friend. She was suspended because shaving her head was against school dress code. After national outrage, the administration voted to allow exceptions to dress code under certain circumstances. 
  Last December, Delaney received an amazing Christmas present. Her favorite singer, Taylor Swift, knocked on her door. Ms. Swift stopped here on her way home after her world tour.
  Our community has rallied around this little girl and the lose of her is devastating to all of us, whether we knew her or not. I never met her or her family, but I have sent many prayers, and today, I have shed many tears. I know she was greeted by angels. Rest In Peace, brave Delaney.



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Free National Park pass for 4th Graders. Good through Aug 2016

Free sample of men's deodorant. I received a Degree for Women sample and it is was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

Free Arm and Hammer Toothpaste sample

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From My Inbox

Use a squeegee on your carpet to sweep up pet hair. I will be trying this one!

Make Money From Home

If you have items you want to sell, here is a great site for that. 

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I have used this before and have made sells. It is not as popular as ebay, but google search will pick up your items if someone is looking for the item you are selling. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

My Walk Through Life 3/18/2016

This week has gone by real quickly and I have not added a blog entry at all. I had a great weekend past. Hanging out with friends listening to live music, and a day trip into Utah. Ghost towns and arches.
  I said goodbye to my uncle and to my back truck window on the same day. I thought it would be nice to have a clean truck for the memorial. Took it through a car wash. I guess there was something in my truck bed that popped up and cracked my window during the drying process. Never will I do that again. I rather have a dirty truck.
  I will be housebound with my mother all week. I hope to get some spring cleaning done in my house and yard. If only the weather would cooperate. Woke up to white stuff on my lawn a couple of days ago. I don't like yard work, and I am not going outside to work if it is cold. 

It is Aloha Friday! Enjoy your day and have a great weekend!


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Glitter Eggs
2 1/2 inch foam egg
Paint brush
Tacky glue
Plastic beads and jewels
Pipe Cleaners
   Put three toothpicks into one end of the foam egg to make it stand up for easier decorating. Use a stiff paint brush to spread a thin layer of glue onto the egg, then sprinkle on some glitter When the glitter has dried, glue on the beads and jewels into the design you wish to make. Do not remove the toothpicks until the glue on the egg is dry. Make a stand with the pipe cleaners Make a circle to set the egg on and attach three lets with little circles on the ends to make a stand.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Walk Through Life 3/9/2016

I really don't have much to say. I have been housebound for the past five days, spending time with my mother. I am ready for nice weather and adventures. The above photo was one of my adventures a few years ago. I loaded up kids in the van and we went to the safari park outside of Roanoke, Virginia. We had so much fun feeding the silly animals, who could in no way be hungry since all the cars were feeding them. We had ostrich heads in our van, zebras licking the windows, and a camel took the whole darn bucket from us. I guess that is why they were last. I cleaned pellet food out of my van for a year afterwards. Every nook and cranny seemed to hold at least one pellet. This emu made a great photo opportunity.


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Easter Ideas

Egg Decorating: This was our eggs one year. A little messy but fun to make

Marbleized Eggs
   Food coloring
   Paper towels
   Aluminum foil
   Hard boiled eggs
Tear off a sheet of foil a little larger than the paper towel sheet. Place it on a protected work surface. Place  towel on top. Put 8 to 10 drops of food color (same or different colors) in the center of the
 paper towel. Allow the colors to spread about 6 inches in diameter. Place a damp egg on its side in the center of the paper towel. Starting at the bottom of the egg, very gently press foil around the
   egg until it is covered with the foil. Carefully peel back the foil and paper towel together. Let the egg dry. Once paper towel is saturated, you can use dry eggs.

Monday, March 7, 2016

My Walk Through Life 3/7/2016

3 March 1933, the board game Monopoly was invented. This was one of the first games I played with my family when I was a kid. I grew up with board games. I had Uncle Wiggly, The Beatles, and a marble volcano game, which are three I can remember. 
  Raising children, I made sure that they grew up with board games also. Ants in the Pants, Candy Land, Cooties, and yes, Monopoly. The games became more complex the older they got. We played Clue, Scattergories, Pass the Popcorn, and trivia games.
   My children are all in their 20s now. Board games are still a large part of our lives and our reunions. My married daughter is part of a group that gets together just to play board games. My group of friends get together once a month to play board games. I don't see my kids often, but when we spend our weekends together, out come the board games. Our favorites: Dominion, Bezzerwizzer, 20 Questions, Mysterium, Ticket to Ride, and SushiGo. 
   I used games to teach my children how to be good winners and good losers. They always won and lost honestly (well except when my children cheated on each other). As they grew, and as we grew apart, games around a table became a great way to catch up on each others lives. We eat, drink, laugh, and talk. It is a wonderful way to spend a weekend.
  By the way, I hate Monopoly.


Tiphero has posted a list of companies that will send you coupons just for the asking. My son loved Edwards Frozen Pies. He contacted them and told them so. They sent him several coupons for free single serving pies. Companies love to hear how much you like them, and if you give them a valid complaint you may also receive free coupons. Try it.
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Walk Through Life 3/6/2016

Karaoke has become my group of friends Thursday night "thing". Dinner, then karaoke. We go to a great little dive bar, frequented by college students. We have become regulars, so the young people are getting used to us, and even have started singing and dancing with us old folks. 
  The first time I had ever seen karaoke was in Japan, the home of its beginnings. Karaoke is derived from Karappo, which means empty and Okesutura which is orchestra. Abbreviated and put together, you have Karaoke. 
  Something I noticed in Japan, is that the business men never seemed to go straight home from work. They would meet friends for drinks, sometimes in karaoke bars. One of these bars was walking distance from the Navy base. Mama-san served great food, but we had to go when we were really hungry. It was clean your plate or get yelled at. The background music was interesting, to say the least. Some of the singing was in Japanese, some in English, Japanese style.
   The Japanese love singing so much, that some of the taxi cabs were equipped with karaoke machines. 
   The craze traveled out of Japan and all over the world. There are home karaoke machines, game systems with singing contest games like Sing Party, and many bars and restaurants have karaoke night. Now James Corden from The Late Late Show does carpool karaoke with stars like Adele, Elton John, and Justin Bieber.
   My first experience with actually singing and not listening was at Sugar Grove Navy Base, West Virginia. It was pretty laid back. We didn't have a stage and the words were on a big screen. We all stood on the dance floor and whoever wanted to sing...did. I won second place in a contest they held. I have never felt comfortable at any other place. I am not very good at standing on a stage in front of people. I am getting close though, at the little dive bar. I have sang with my friends in a group, but am working up my courage to do a solo. 

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I am not fond of my ereader. I like a book in my hand, and I also like the cheap yard sale books I find. But, if you do use a kindle, nook, etc, here is a website to get free and inexpensive reading material

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Cut the bottom half of an egg carton into thirds, paint them, and attach a pipe cleaner as a handles for the 3 Easter egg containers. Decorate with glitter, buttons, sequins, etc. Put small goodies in plastic eggs and give the baskets away as a gift to friends, neighbors, a teacher, or a family member

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Walk Through Life 3/1/2016

I had a great, exhausting weekend. Relaxing now. I enjoy that I am able to get out and have fun. It has been a long time coming. The weather is finally nice. I went walking with friends and we picked up some geocaches, saw some prairie dogs and ducks. I did some group karaoke with friends. Still haven't braved singing on my own, but I am working up to it. I went to the college to see their production of "The Mystery of Edwin Drood". What a fun show and they did a great job. 
I have been searching for some good FREEBIES. I can't find any worth sharing. Sorry.

I did find a new shopping/selling site. They look new but with some building up, they might end up being a good place to sell your homemade items or even some gently used items.

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I am an avid follower of The Voice. There is now a contest with Nissan that allows you to build a team and earn points to put you in the running to win a new Nissan. 
Lots of contests here, including one to win an Amazon gift card

WinI try to make sure all the freebies and sweepstakes are legitimate. Here is an article that might help you stay away from the scams.