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I love Shopkick. When ever I go into a qualifying store, I turn on the app on my phone and I get points. I can also scan items and get more points. When ever my referrals use the app, I get points. I turned my points into a $50 account. Probably not the wisest choice, but it saves me money on my dining out trips. Next time, a Walmart card.


I come across good articles on The Penny Hoarder occasionally. Here is an article on how to make money while getting fit and healthy


I like to earn free money doing simple things. Receipt Hog is a phone app you can use to snap photos of your receipts and earn points to turn into cash. When you sign up please use my referral, stund428.


Ibotta is by far my favorite phone app. I get money back with almost every shopping trip I make. It might be 25 cents or $10 but it all adds up quickly. You can transfer it over to money after $20. 

There is another phone app that is good for making money. OfferUp. If you have items you want to buy or sell, check into OfferUp. It is local, so you make arrangements to meet buyers/sellers (I recommend a nice public parking lot) to do transactions. It is also very user friendly.

I make money with Right now I have $100 sitting in my account, and it is growing. You can offer "gigs" such as proofreading, voice overs, writing articles, and more, and get $5 at a time, or you can order "gigs". 

Do you have a FitBit? I found an article on Pinterest that tells how to earn money with it


Swagbucks is a simple way to earn points to trade in for money or gift cards. In the morning I run videos on my phone. I have it set up that I get notifications when there is a SwagCode available. I also made it as my default search. It is easy to get points. You also get extra points when you refer friends. 

Here is another site similar to Swagbucks. GiftHulk

Instgc is another site to earn points for money or gift cards. 

Perk is a phone app that you can earn points with. They have trivia games, videos, and more. 

I have used MyPoints for years. You don't earn money, but you get discounts on shopping and  earn points for what you buy or if you read email. I save money by ordering gift cards for birthday and Christmas presents.

Shop online, earn gift cards!


DailyBreak is my favorite survey site. They offer recipes, trivia, and more. 
MintVine is a good one. Payouts at $10 and points are fairly quick to add up.

If you use a lot of toilet paper in your home, box it up and sell it on Ebay. Ok, I didn't believe this one, but it is true. They sell in boxes of about 50 for approximately 10 bucks.
 You can also sell wine corks and pill bottles.

Check your Dollar Bill Serial Numbers. They might be worth something to collectors. Follow the link to see what numbers are collectible

Are you an avid photographer? You can load your photos onto Dreamstime and they will pay you 
royalties for stock photos. Stock photo can be as simple as an apple to complicated as an arranged still life. You can add thousands of photos at a time to increase the chance of someone buying your photos to use on their website, blog, poster, etc. They also run photo contests.

Are you one of the million of Walmart shoppers? A way to make money back from them is to use their Savings Catcher app or logon to and you can put the information from your receipt onto the website. If there are items in your area that are cheaper than what you paid for on your Walmart shopping trip, they will give you money back on a gift card. It is easier than going through store flyers and doing the comparison shopping at the register.

This looks like a new website but could be good with some build up. Schmoozyshops is a site where you can sell good used items, crafts, art, etc.

You can also sell items at Blujay. It is 100% free. No extra costs to buy or sell. You can add 5 free photos and your items do not expire. Keep them posted until they sell.

Here is another site to earn money back for shopping. TopCashBack will give you $10 to start shopping with them. 


I have discovered another site. This one is like Pinterest, but is more for items you are shopping for. I have made money on this site. Not sure how, exactly, but hey, works for me. I will work this site and see if I can get to the point to cash out. 

Babysit. There are always people looking for someone to take care of little ones.

Be a petsitter or a housesitter. There are websites for this. Some will actually allow you to travel. Some sites you have to pay a yearly fee to sign up with.

If you have an extra room or a mother-in-law house that stays empty, rent it out through AirBnB

If you love dogs, be a dog walker.

Do you have kids? Are they entertaining and do you have a have good story telling ablilities? You can make money according to this article from PennyHoarder

I just submitted a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul. You can also. They have a list of possible upcoming books. 

Earn money while staying fit with AchieveMint

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