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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Walk Through Life 2/3/2016

I found another online consignment shop that looks to have great items with great prices. 

This is the man who sold the photo of a potato for $1,000,000. Yes. That is the right amount of zeros. I need to figure out how to do that. I have a whole house full of things that would make great million dollar photos. Some people have all the luck.

REUSE Plastic Coffee Containers

I keep looking at the coffee containers that hold my Folgers, and I am wonder what to do with them. I hate to toss them. So, doing research, here are some handy ideas:

Store compost. Make sure to label it.
My washer and dryer are in the garage. I could keep a container 
   out on my dryer to hold the lint in. (lint can be used as a fire 
   starter, or put out for the birds for nesting materials)
Use as paint cans. 
Paint pretty colors and use as canisters. Paint a label on using 
   chalkboard paint. 
Decorate with pretty paper between the container ridges. Folgers
   even has templates for you to use: Folgers
Store about anything in them. Use them in kid rooms to store small 
   toys, bathroom for toilet paper, or kitchen for cookie cutters, 
   pastry items, food. Use them in the garage for nails, small tools, 
Cut an opening in the lid and store plastic grocery bags in them. 
   Read this to find out how you can reuse plastic grocery bags


Valentine Starbucks Gift basket

Everyone needs pink luggage. It would be so easy to pick your luggage out of all the black suitcases that come out of the airplane. I keep a red ribbon tied on my handle now, but these pink suitcases would be really nice.

There are pages of kitchen and cooking items on this website that you can enter to win. I love this site. Haven't won yet.....but I will!

Stanley Tools is giving away some great tool sets.

I have crazy curly hair. I have to find good products to keep my hair in check. Naturally Curly has great products

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