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Friday, April 14, 2017

My Walk Through Life 4/14/2017

YouTube is a great media for entertainment and education. My introduction to it was watching videos my husband and children would find. The Nu Ma Nu Ma Guy was the first video I watched. Then there was the The Llama Song which my kids loved. My friends and I ended a dinner party one evening watching Trunk Monkey Videos.
   One daughter listens to her favorite music and another watches television shows and Broadway musicals.
  After the death of my husband, I had to learn to use tools and fix things. Instead of calling someone in to fix the belt in my dryer, I found a video on how to fix the exact same dryer that I had. That saved me a lot of money! Since then, I have fix toilets and a lawn mower. 
   You can learn to play an instrument, make crafts, cook any meal, paint, and so much more. Ask the 8 year old boy in Ohio. 
   The little boy wanted a McDonald's hamburger. Everyone had gone to bed, so instead of waking his parents, he watched a video on YouTube so he could learn to drive a car. He stood on his tiptoes to reach the keys, put his 4 year old sister in the van, and off they went. When the server at the drive-thru window realized that it wasn't a prank, the police were called. The police stated that it was amazing that he did so well. He caused no damage and obeyed all the laws, including stopping at red lights. 
   I always tell people to look on YouTube if they need to learn something :)


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