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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Walk Through Life 4/12/2017

The library. That was my refuge when I was an insecure kid, going to a new school every few years. I volunteered where I could, and just read and checked out books where I couldn't. I had always felt at home in a library no matter where I lived. 
   Books are not as popular as they once were. People use other means to read, such as online and book readers. Libraries have had to figure out other ways to serve their communities. 
  All libraries have different things to offer, but here are some of the things that I have found:
  If you have children, find out what is on the calendar for them. Some things I have seen offered are movie nights, authors reading their books, reading circles, craft classes, and games.
   There are great varieties of music, movies, and television shows you can check out.
   Do you want to learn a different language? See if you local library offers Mango. It is free and you can sit at home instead of a classroom. You can even learn Pirate! If they don't have Mango, they may have Rosetta Stone. 
   The library offers a place for different clubs to gather. I have seen book clubs, coupon clippers, crafters, for some examples.
   If you don't have a computer at home, they have them at the library for you to use. A great way to apply for jobs, do research, or if you have a high school student, they can do their FAFSA. 
  Most libraries have a genealogy section but you can link in with HeritageQuest online if you have a library card.  
  Do you need to do work around your home but don't have the tools? Some libraries lend out the tools you need for home improvement and gardening.
  With a library card, you can get free passes to local museums and attractions. If you can't get a free pass for the day, there may be a discount. My library system will lend out a backpack for a week. In this backpack there is a free pass to the local state parks, books on birds, plants, or bugs, a Go-Pro and more for your adventure.
  Don't have a library card? You might want to get one and open up a new world. 


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